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HearMe20 Program

HearMe20 is a targeted effort to improve maternal health outcomes among Black women in Colorado by providing culturally responsive and interdisciplinary education, and personalized support- 20 minutes at a time. The program not only focuses on  health education, but also addresses social, cultural, and psychological factors affecting Black maternal health.

HearMe20 is designed for Black women of childbearing age (18-50 years), as a supplemental health education program to support various stages from pre-pregnancy to postpartum. It aims to bridge gaps in health literacy and patient satisfaction outcomes in Colorado by leveraging the expertise of Black health professionals in medical, public health, psychology, and behavior science fields.

The program offers both group and individualized education sessions, which can be virtual or in-person. These sessions cover a range of topics, including healthy behaviors, early detection of complications, and self-advocacy. Special attention is given to immigrant and refugee Black women, addressing issues like health literacy, acculturation, and language barriers. 

Any woman aged 18+ years can participate in HearMe20. You must complete our program interest form below and be specific with your health questions as much as possible. Our team will connect you with the best-fit health professional from our interdisciplinary pool of health professionals. The health professional will schedule a 20-minute appointment to LISTEN to you, provide health education, and answer your health questions.

Any community group interested in women's health can participate in HearMe20. A community representative must complete our program interest form below and provide as much group context as much as possible. If there are specific health questions the group is interested in, we will follow up to discuss and plan an exciting community health education event with your group. We will bring along an interdisciplinary team of health professionals to answer your community's health questions.

To participate in HearMe20

As an individual:

As a group:

Prenatal Portrait

Meet Our HearMe20 Champions


Dr. Dawn Robinson

Obstetrician Gynecologist


Dr. Kweku Hazel

Metabolic Surgeon

(Weight Loss and Management)


Dr. Typhanie Beasley

Nurse Practitioner and Psychologist


Aronette Azu

Nurse Practitioner     (Urgent Care)

Full Directory

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If you or someone you know is not getting the answers they need to make informed health decisions, our health professionals can help. Sign up with the link above.

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Support our efforts!

If you believe in maternal health equity, we would be honored to work with you. It takes a minimum commitment of 

 30 minutes a month.

Sign up below.

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