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Volunteer with us

Interested in serving minority and underserved communities in the Denver Metro area? Please volunteer with us and contribute to impacting the health and life of our community.

Join Us

There are so many ways you can get involved with, including administrative support work, tech support for community health education, youth engagement activities, etc. You will find a place to serve that is perfect for you. Please reach out, and let's chat. 

Happy Family

Our Approach

To reach our priority communities, we use a focused community and sub-community health outreach approach, in which we identify key groups and individuals who have trusted relationships with the community. We train these key groups and individuals to be culturally responsive and serve as community resources to inform, educate, and lead health outreach efforts in their own sub-communities.

We also partner with trusted health professionals who are part of the community to advertise health programs and recruit eligible individuals for vaccination and other health services. These outreach efforts contribute to addressing mistrust, vaccine hesitancy and apathy, and access-related barriers in minority communities.  

What Next?

Due to the higher rates of comorbidities among minority and immigrant communities, our goal is to leverage the health awareness COVID-19 has generated to continue sub-community outreach and tackle the predominant health issues that existed before COVID-19, including hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. We also aim to support the communities' collective journey to achieve better health through behavior health promotion, including healthy dieting, physical activity, and substance use prevention.

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