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Health Career Support

... Because, diversifying the health workforce is addressing health inequity.

Pathway Mentorship

We understand that not everyone interested in a health career has access to a mentor to help provide guidance through the steps and stages required to become a medical doctor, nurse, public health professional, pharmacist, or a scientist. Diversifying the health workforce is an important part of addressing health inequities, so we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of Black health professionals by connecting them to Black mentors in similar fields.

Mentorship is crucial to providing aspiring medical students and future scientists with guidance, support, and advice as they navigate the challenges of health education. Our mentors are seasoned Black health professionals who are dedicated to helping develop the next generation of health professionals through building a strong and lasting mentor-mentee relationship, that establishes open and honest communication, setting clear expectations and goals, and fostering mentee progress with mutual respect. 

Our mentors are "big sisters and big brothers", who can help with study strategies, course selection, exam preparation, research collaboration opportunities, shadow opportunities, career planning, connections and networking, emotional support, etc. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that mentees make informed decisions about their health careers every step of the way. 

Interested in pathway mentorship for yourself or an spiring Black scientist? Send us a message.



Career Laddering Support

Diversity in health leadership is important for ensuring that health programs and resources are responsive to the needs of various populations. Supporting career advancement in the health field can help aspiring minority health leaders to move up the career ladder.

We aim to provide resources that can support community members in health fields with:

  • Training and professional development, for example, certifications to enhance skills and knowledge, conference attendance, workshops, seminars, etc.

  • Mentoring and coaching to guide mentees navigate their career path to achieve career advancement goals.

  • Networking and professional connections.

Interested in a health career laddering support for your self or someone else? Send us a message.



I am so grateful to begin my medical school journey. Growing up in Aurora, I did not see physicians who looked like me. I also didn't know many people who went to university in the U.S. However, I did not let this deter my dreams. As I figured out how the college application process worked and eventually the medical school application process, I leaned on my family and community members for support. The Gyedi Project provided me with mentorship, scholarship support, and an opportunity to engage with community health work while preparing for medical school. Although there were many challenges being the first to accomplish certain milestones in my immediate community, my resilience was strengthened. Now I strive to become an outstanding physician and encourage young people to pursue their aspirations whatever they may be. “

2023 Scholar, Medicine Track

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